May 19, 2020

Ep 39: Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast (SPOILERS)

Title: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [Wikipedia] [IMDb]

Director: Leonard Nimoy

Producer: Harve Bennett

Writers: Steve Meerson (screenplay), Peter Krikes (screenplay), Nicholas Meyer (screenplay), Harve Bennett (screenplay/story), Leonard Nimoy (screenplay/story), Gene Roddenberry (original series)

Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest KelleyJames DoohanGeorge TakeiWalter KoenigNichelle Nichols

Release date: November 26, 1986

PROMO: Too Many Captains (@ItsaFilmPodcast)

SHOWNOTES: On this episode of Collateral Cinema, hosts Ash, Beau, and Robert discuss the fourth film installment of the long-running iconic sci-fi series Star Trek A.K.A. The Voyage Home. Join our discussion, and be sure to leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser!

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