May 5, 2020

Ep 38: Scott Spiegel’s Intruder (1989) – Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast (SPOILERS)

Title: Intruder [Wikipedia] [IMDb]

Director: Scott Spiegel

Producers: Lawrence BenderSam Raimi

Writers: Scott Spiegel (screenplay/story/original short film), Lawrence Bender (story)

Stars: Dan Hicks, David Byrnes, Elizabeth CoxRenée Estevez

Release date: January 13, 1989 (US)

PROMO: Too Many Captains (@ItsaFilmPodcast)

SHOWNOTES: Collateral Cinema is back with another classic slasher movie for you: the underrated 1989 film Intruder, directed and co-written by Scott Spiegel, and co-produced by Sam Raimi! It also features Sam, his brother Ted, and Bruce Campbell as actors, albeit in smaller roles than originally promoted. Beau, Robert, and Ashley dive deep into the grocery store settings they are all too familiar with, the several memorable gruesome killings, and the unique cinematography of this obscure production. If you enjoy analyses on horror and slasher movies, give this episode a listen, and don't forget to leave us a rating and connect with us on social media!

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