July 14, 2020

Ep 42: Rocky Morton’s & Annabel Jenkal’s Super Mario Bros. – Collateral Cinema x Collateral Gaming Collaboration Special (SPOILERS)

Title: Super Mario Bros. [Wikipedia] [IMDb]

Directors: Rocky MortonAnnabel Jankel

Producers: Jake EbertsRoland Joffé

Writers: Parker Bennett, Terry Runté, Ed SolomonNintendo (original video game)

Stars: Bob HoskinsJohn LeguizamoDennis HopperSamantha MathisFisher StevensFiona ShawRichard Edson

Release date: May 28, 1993

PROMO: Too Many Captains (@ItsaFilmPodcast)

SHOWNOTES: Collateral Cinema teams up with Collateral Gaming once more to discuss a video game film adaptation—this time, the infamous 1993 Super Mario Bros.! While notable for being the first movie directly adapted from a video game—albeit very loosely—it's also been critically panned, primarily for a lack of similarity to its source material. However, as of the age of the Internet, the picture has gained a cult following, and there is even a level of genuine praise for the creative direction and actor performances. Does this movie—starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the titular Mario Bros., and Dennis Hopper as King Koopa—have more to offer than the public perception (or lack thereof) would indicate? What do Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast and Collateral Gaming Video Game Podcast have to think about it, and is it even a genuinely bad movie? Find out on the latest collaboration special from yours truly!

LINK: Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive (@smbmovie)

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