June 15, 2020

Friday the 13th Franchise Review: Part 2 (Movies 6-10) – Collateral Cinema Director’s Cut (SPOILERS)

Welcome back Director's Cut listeners! We return with Part 2 of our franchise deep-dive into Friday the 13th, and we get into the last few Paramount releases, then we tackle the New Line Cinema releases—which, incidentally, are some of host Beau's favorite movies of the entire series! We had a blast talking about all the memorable kills, special effects work, and over-the-top antics this seminal series brought us, so grab a seat at the campfire, and ring in the summer months with our old friend, Jason Vorhees!

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(Collateral Cinema Director's Cut is an LCompany Production. Intro/outro song is a license-free beat. All music and movie clips are owned by their respective creators and are used for educational purposes only. Please don’t sue us; we’re poor!)

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